Friday, October 20, 2006

Headway, Ahead!

I don't really have anything dramatic and *finished* to show yet (soon!), but I've been knitting... probably more than I really have time to, but nevermind about that.

My Socktober socks are coming along... I've made it through two more of the pattern repeats, so according to the pattern, I am ready to begin the heel flap. I've been inspired, however, to continue on with another pattern repeat. I'm not exactly sure why, but I've decided that these socks would make great knee-highs, or almost-knee-highs. I'm not even sure it will work out, but I've been inspired to try it. Maybe I'm a sucker for punishment, or maybe I am just so relieved that I've figured out the pattern and now can't stop knitting it, but I see some lemongrass pomatomus almost-knee-highs in my future.

Salina has also returned to the scene... to the finished back panel and first sleeve I can now add half of a front panel. So Salina is officially half way done, and there's no stopping me now. I'm determined to be wearing an awesome new tweedy wool sweater soon!

And now back to my regularly scheduled programming...


Anonymous Elli said...

Mmmm...the lemongrass is looking yummy! Kneehighs sound lovely, but will there be enough yarn? I had just enough to finish a pair for size 9.5 feet with one skein. I think I had a gram or so left over. But then maybe you have lovely little petite feet?

10:15 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Ugh, the dreaded blue books. I've just been plowing through a stack of them. Hope yours were more enlightening than mine....

12:22 AM  

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