Friday, June 29, 2007

Fiberlicious Friday: The Sencha Edition

My favorite thing about this post is that Ashley and I are using the exact same fiber (color and all!) for our respective Fiberlicious Friday posts, but we've come up with completely different interpretations! Salad? Tea? Proves once and for all great minds think alike AND differently all at the same time.

And I've been completely blown away by the creativity popping up in the Fiberlicious! Flickr group. I'm glad to see I'm no longer alone in my bizarre penchant for photographing yarn as delectables!

Happy Friday, all!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What an appropriate description of my life, these days. Tart. Not really very full of sweet, blithe, happy-go-lucky freeness that I have for so long associated with the summer months. No, these summer days are more aptly described as tart. My knitting time has plummeted to an all new record low, so I'm lucky if I even have a spare moment to glance longingly at my sock pal's half-finished sock, much less be able to knit more than one round at a time. Gee, at this rate of work and study, I may have to ditch fronting the Single Sock Liberation Movement and spearhead the Half-A-Single Sock Movement. Half a sock? I have one of those! Hope my sock pal likes anklets!

Luckily, Fiberlicious! continues to inspire me, so I may have more yarn-as-delectables to post than yarn-as-knitted-wearables to show you for the next few weeks. Though my tart mood has had me seeing reds, and I am feeling inspired lately to knit with the gorgeous merino/cashmere sock yarn that Nora so graciously and generously sent me a few weeks ago. Of course, the sheer lack of free time may inhibit actual knitting with these beautiful reds, but nevertheless, they are inspiring. I have great plans for some beautiful red Roza's socks. But for now, those reds make some nice yarn cake decoration pieces.

And thanks VERY much to all those who weighed in on the issue of awkward variegation of my sock pal's socks. The consensus, provided by those variegated-yarn lovers more qualified on the subject than I, was that the socks should go on. And so they shall. Now, where's that spare moment in which to knit them?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sweet as...

Fiberlicious! An update for those interested: Fiberlicious! isn't limited to Fridays. Initially, I was going to establish a "Fiberlicious Fridays" thing, but that's sort of silly. You should post when the fancy strikes you. No need to put rules and restrictions and days of the week on this. Also, there's a button, now, for those who are kind enough to advertise this silly idea of mine on their blogs. Feel free to take one, just please link it to your own server, yaddah, yaddah.

Okay, real reason for this post: a Sockapalooza sock update. In the wake of a series of unforeseen decisions, I was forced to scrap the double set of Marigold socks. Now, I stand by my love for this pattern and my desire to have a garden sock drawer filled with blooming Marigolds (I already have very definite plans to knit another pair of Marigolds in some STR Sunstone). But I decided that the All Things Heather yarn just wasn't fit to be Marigolds. It's just a little too fine to knit up ruffly. That said, I've decided that I couldn't just scrap the yarn altogether. It really is perfect for my sock pal, I think. She likes pinks and purples AND she prefers variegated yarn over semi-solid. Check and check. This yarn fits the bill. So, I decided to try another sock pattern that I've been eyeing, knitspot's Rococo Socks. Love them. And the pattern suggests using a finer weight yarn. Check.

Here's the part where you have a good look and tell me if this was a good move. The socks are coming along rather slowly, as the pattern is not the easiest to memorize, and the yarn is pretty fine, so there are more stitches that usual. But I've finished one foot and am about to begin the leg. There is a bit of awkward striping of the dark purple sections of the yarn, but I think it works with the pattern. And my sock pal DID say she liked variegated yarns, so surely she likes the variegated effect (insert liberal amount of paranoia from one who doesn't like variegated yarns so is unduly concerned about variegation). What's the consensus? You likey?

And thanks so much to everyone who helped me do a little destashing. It's much appreciated, given the absence of grad student stipends during the summer months. And there are still a few things left in the pot, so if you're interested go have yourself a look. Destashing pot this-a-way.

Have a manageable Monday, all!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fiberlicious Friday: Tess Limeade Edition.

Just popping in to say hi before I return to my regularly scheduled program of working on the Women in Archaeology exhibition or studying for prelim exams. Oh, um, or watching the first two seasons of Lost. That's right, I made it through the first three seasons of the Wire in a scarily short period of time. We're talking mere days. And if you haven't seen the Wire yet? See the Wire. So good. But addictive. And while I wait impatiently for the fourth season to wrap up and get released on DVD, I watch Lost. And after Lost, it will probably be Deadwood. Oh, and preparing for prelims, of course. Can't forget about that.

And hey! Because I have copious amount of free time on my hands (insert liberal amounts of sarcasm here), I take photographs of yarn as if it were edible. It's this series I've been doing for awhile now (check out the entire series here), sort of unconsciously, and then at some point I realized I was taking lots of photographs of yarn as if it were, well, food. So what does one do when one realizes they have a bizarro photographing habit? They start a Flickr pool for said bizarro photographs and they encourage others to participate in taking their own bizarro photographs! And then they create a day (and who doesn't like Fridays, right? Sorry, Eye Candy Friday) when they post said bizarro photographs on their blog. Ta-da!

For those who are on Flickr, come join Fiberlicious!
For those without Flickr accounts, there's always Fiberlicious! Friday. Or, really, Fiberlicious! Any Day of the Week, Whenever You Feel Like It! And if you're participating, feel free to nab a button from the sidebar.

Why? Because sometimes yarn looks good enough to eat. And who doesn't need more fiber in their diet?

Have a great weekend, all!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

destash :: part deux

Sock yarn stash getting low? Perhaps you need some of mine! I added a few more skeins of sKNITches and Pippikneesocks handpainted sock yarn to the destash pot! Go check them out here.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sock yarn stash getting low? Perhaps you need some of mine!
I'm destashing some sweetgeorgia handpainted, sKNITches kettle drum semi-solids, and more! Check them out here.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Singles and toes.

The Single Sock Liberation Movement continues! As it goes, there is waxing and waning of members, and there are those that don't realize they are taking part until it is too late. Then, of course, there's the plain ol' mutinous. But all is well... this leader understands that some second socks must be knit... how desolate knitblogland would be without any FOs!

But since the Movement must march on, have a look at my most recent contribution: an unmatched pair of pastel beauties.

Left :: Giotto by Anna Bell :: STR lightweight "Blue Moonstone"
Right :: Child's First Sock by Nancy Bush :: Fleece Artist Sea Wool "Buttercream"

I've never been much into pastels, but it seems that I've acquired a taste for it recently. I really do love how both of these socks turned out. And oh, the textures! Don't they make a handsome pair?

The pastels phase has left as abruptly as it had come, and I've moved on to purples and more purples. Though I've been partially encouraged to this new palette by my Sockapalooza4 sock pal's color preference.

Left :: All Things Heather Fingering Weight Merino :: "Orchids"
Right :: Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Lightweight Merino :: "Star Sapphire"

A pair of toes has been completed in each of the two yarn choices for my sock pal's socks. Remember when I said I was going to knit Lombard Street socks for my sock pal? Well, that was before Pamela Wynne so graciously published her Marigold Socks pattern. I absolutely love this pattern! So much so that I am knitting two pairs of these socks in a row... one for my sock pal and one for me! What's more, I've *finally* learned how to knit toe-up AND how to do magic loop (yes, yes, I know, "welcome to the 21st century of sock knitting)! I'm knitting one of the Marigolds on DPNs and one with the magic loop method. By the end of it, I should know which method I prefer, once and for all.

Now, if I could just decide which pair of Marigolds my sock pal would like more: the reddish-fuschia-purple ones or the bluish-purple ones? I'm leaning toward the reddish-fuschia ones for her, but I'm still undecided. Knowing me, I won't decide definitively until the very last second. So until then, each purple Marigold will grow at the same speed.

Happy Monday, all!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finished: Photographer's Mitts

Finished: Photographer's Mitts
Pattern: Fingerless mitts loosely based on Eunny's Endpaper Mitts
Fiber: Claudia Handpainted Yarns fingering weight in "Navy Olive"
Needles: size 2 DPNs
Date Started: 02 June 2007
Date Completed: 13 June 2007
Modifications: A number of minor modifications were made to these mitts to make them more boy-friendly; most obviously, no schmancy 2-color stranding in girly pattern.

Gather 'round, dearies! I have a finished object! No single socks, here, I'm talking about an actual finished object! Fingerless mitts made especially for my boy and my photographer. Though, they're a lot like socks...

Ever since I made my fingerless mitts, M has been begging for a pair of his own. This year, he has really gotten serious into photography again, and, having acquired a new *old* camera (the trusty Rollieflex), he'd traipse all over town taking rolls and rolls of photos. Often, with chilly hands and fingertips. Fingerless mitts to the rescue!

Granted, it is summer, now (ahem, procrastinating girlfriend just got around to making them), so chilly fingertips really aren't a huge problem for him these days, but he took off today for the Dordogne to excavate and to begin dissertation research (yes, there will soon be two academics cohabitating and both writing archaeology dissertations. we'll do our best not to permanently injure one another out of sheer stress and frustration). Apparently, mornings in the French countryside tend to be quite chilly (especially for those archaeologists/researchers living in tents). Fingerless mitts ("Finally!!" he said) to the rescue!

He likes them, he likes them!

Up next: Another single sock. And I finally get around to starting my Sockapalooza pal's socks!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Afternoon delight.

Yesterday was just that, an afternoon delight. Not only did I get to spend a delightful afternoon with one Minty of pepperknit fame, but I also got to spend far too much of my afternoon watching the absolute best show ever to be broadcast on television, which, for 30 minutes every week, while it was on air, miraculously transformed said idiot box into a very, very clever and funny box, which happened to include one of my favorite episodes, Afternoon Delight. (For your very own slice of afternoon delight, go here). Minty met me right outside my front door (now that's service!) and then we went to lunch at the 10th Street Pour House, one of my favorite little brunch spots just a few blocks from me. Deelish! Good food and great company! And whoops, there I go posting photos of myself, again. So much for shy anonymity Philistiny mystery and intrigue.

Minty's company, of course, was the primary source for my delight, but the delicious, delicious gelato that we consumed post-lunch at my favorite Philly gelateria, Capogiro, was another derivation of pure afternoon pleasure. My lust for gelato treats has been particularly strong lately, as was made clear by the shot of Koigu gelato that appeared in my last post. But hurrah! I was able to consume actual gelato, made doubly good by Minty's visit! And, seriously, if you ever find yourself in Philly, you would be doing yourself an immense disservice if you didn't stop by Capogiro while you were here. It's the Loop of Philadelphia frozen treats.

Thanks, Minty, for our wonderful first date*!

*To avoid any unnecessary confusion, Minty and I had an interesting conversation in which we compared knitblogger meet-ups to first dates... by the end of our meet-up we concluded that we both had an excellent first date.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer treats.

What's better than a big bowl of Koigu gelato to cool you off on a summer's day? I can think of nothing. The ever-generous and always delightfully sassy Heather sent this delicious bundle of Koigu to me as a surprise summer treat. What Heather may not have known about me is that I have this secret soft spot for Koigu, but, strangely, I have never knit with it before (shocking, I know). Well, I've knit the ribbing of my fingerless mitts in semi-solid gray Koigu, but that's it. I do have a small bit of Koigu in my stash, but I've not yet knit with it. The thing with me and Koigu is that I tend to be warily suspicious of variegated yarns. I also tend to be overwhelmingly indecisive, and as Koigu comes in a enormously vast number of pretty, pretty variegated colorways, I tend to sit and drool over Koigu anytime I see it, but I never commit to any, being a semi-solid loving, indecisive kind of gal. So, it was especially wonderful to find this gorgeous fibery package in my mailbox. It's beautiful! And I love it most because it didn't involve any decision-making. I'm super excited to finally get to use some Koigu! And just in time to contribute to a fun new Flickr group, KooKoo for Koigu!

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Heather!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where is she now?

Just dropping in ever-so-briefly to say hi... I've just begun settling into my summer job in Special Collections, so I'm already at a loss for time again, not to mention that my weekly meetings with one of my prelim advisors start back up imminently. And then there's the newest time-sucking vortex in my life ... The Wire. As you can see, I'm a very busy girl again. I did manage to squeeze in a lunch date with Liz K. and Ashley this past Saturday (How could I refuse such great company? I could not). As you can see, we had a fabulous time eating delicious Japanese cuisine, sipping wine, and knitting. This really should become a regular occurrence. Thanks for a fabulous time, girls!

I've managed to get a little bit of knitting in, though I already feel like I have to schedule it in, like I do during the school year. The first Child's First Sock is fresh off the needles (and already desiring to be worn with fab purple shoes), and now I am in the midst of a surprise quickie project for M ... more on that soon.

Back to braving the muggy day...

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