Saturday, July 29, 2006

Weekend Fun For Everyone!

Beer for us... box for him... and everyone is happy!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Knitting.

A few things about my knitting habits:

1. I have been knitting for about a year. I learned when I was 8 or 9, but I have just recently (summer 2005) begun to do it seriously. You know, with patterns and finished projects.
2. My knitting career over the past year, until recently, consisted of knitting a lot of scarves.
3. I have recently branched out into other garment categories - I have now successfully made a pair of mittens, socks, and a hooded sweater. Thus, I feel that I now must certainly qualify for the title of *knitting master*.
4. I find that even though I am now a *knitting master*, I have a penchant for scarf-making. This, I have come to discover, is for 2 very logical reasons: a) scarves are quick to start and finish, allowing for instant gratification; b) scarves take very little yarn to make, and, in my state of having an anti-salary, I don't have hundreds of dollars to throw at yarn purchasing for larger, more complicated projects.
5. Knitting with unnatural, synthetic fibers is very bad. I just say no to acrylic yarn. I might be considered by some to be a yarn elitist. That's one pigeon hole that I'm fine with.
6. I do not have a *stash*. (Stash being, as I understand it, a knitter's term for a stockpile of extra yarn). I knit with the yarn I have until it is gone.

A few projects I've finished:


Sweater un done!

All things current:

Or rather, all *thing* current. One sock done. Another to go.

Socks for Michael are also in the works.

(Yeah, that's another scarf...)

The Michael.

He's a (my) boy (friend).

He looks like this:

He spends most of his time doing this:

and this:

and studying these:

He's an archaeologist, too. Of the anthropological Middle Paleolithic sort. He's a Bordes-ian.

The Edwin.

He's a cat.
This is what he spends the majority of his life doing:

Okay, so maybe he does a few more things...

Sometimes he can be tempermental...

But we forgive his imperfections... once the bleeding stops.

He does make for a great sphinx.

And a good cat.

The Setting.

Before I dive headlong into *life as I know it*, some background information might be a useful beginning. I *am* an archaeologist, so CONTEXT is everything, right?

So, I live my life at 29 in Philadelphia, PA in a tiny one-bedroom third story apartment in Center City. My apartment is green. And full of books. And a cat. And a boyfriend. I live dangerously close to Whole Foods, which has become a substantial crutch on the anti-salary. Most of the other people who live on my street own their brownstones. They are rich yuppies with spoiled, ill-behaved miniature yuppies-to-be who spend their time screaming their heads off outside on the sidewalk (the sidewalk that happens to be below my windows). They are loud and extremely annoying. The yuppie fathers spend their time yelling "Slow down!" at cars using our street (our very *public* street, mind you) as a... street. The fathers yell this at the tops of their lungs. They are just as loud and just as extremely annoying as their unhappy, screaming children. On the bright side, my apartment does have a big back deck off of the bedroom at the back of the building, which is secluded by huge pine trees... it is nice. It's rare to have a private deck in the city. Thus, I have not yet moved out and away from the street full of brownstone-owning yuppies. This is where I live.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I know I am, but (what) are you?

Are you one? Take this *very official* test to find out.

Moi... a blog?! Won't the world be surprised! Or not care at all... as a Philistine (a knitting one!), I am unconcerned.

I am the last person anyone would ever expect to start a blog... I mean, me, communicate? Rarely. Me, share my thoughts and life experiences? Not if I can help it. But perhaps a change is on the horizon...

This blog, while under the guise of a knitting blog, will, in theory, incorporate more than just my knitting projects. While knitting is certainly important to me, it is not my life. Still, I chose to start a knitting blog because it will allow me *some*sort of structure, and at the same time, allow me to document my knitting projects. I am hoping that in the process of keeping up with the progress of all of my knitting projects, I will also be able to keep up with the progress of my life... and perhaps allow others who are interested to do the same.

And... we're off!