Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Progressing like champs.

I have been sneaking in some stitches between piles and piles of teaching, reading, and working on prelims. Salina and Joy are both progressing; I am absolutely loving the Rowan felted tweed. It is by far my new fiber of choice. It is really wonderful to knit with... very springy and light, but still substantial enough to knit up relatively quickly. The Yorkshire tweed 4-ply is proving to be more challenging to work with... it is very finely spun, and I've noticed that there are places along the yarn that are especially thin, and when knit, the stitches are precariously held together. I am a little bit concerned that the sweater won't hold up well through many washings... that some of these delicate spots will easily unravel. Besides that concern, I love the small, delicate stitches of the Joy sweater.

The back panel of Salina is nearing completion. I really love the seed stitch ribbing at the bottom. It's a nice detail.

Detail of the seed stitch ribbing of Salina.

The left front panel of Joy. The bottom portion is done in seed stitch pattern... very time-consuming with this fine yarn!

Detail of the seed stitch bottom panel of Joy.

The left front panel of Joy, further along.

Detail of the seed stitch button placket of Joy.


Anonymous Beth said...

I can't believe how quickly these are comining along for you! Great job.

And nice library, too, by the way.

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Elli said...

Looking good!

10:15 PM  

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