Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At Arm's Length.

And at a turtle's pace. That describes well the rate of advancement of the sleeves for my two sweaters-in-progress. I finished one of the sleeves for the Blanket Cardigan and have cast on a sleeve for the Tweed Myrtle Hoodie. I continue to be stumped by the Myrtle hoodie, however, because again it seems that I don't have enough yarn to finish both sleeves. This sweater may have to be done over completely with different yarn. Hrm. This durned thing has become my vicious white whale.

(Slow, sad progress on my Moby)

As for my other WIPs, they, too are advancing rather slowly. The Branching Out scarf is creeping along, though I have been neglecting it these past few weeks. And Michael's Banker Socks, though they lack observable progress, now have my full and complete attention, and I am determined to turn these out as an FO soon, very soon.

Who knew that there would be so little time to knit during the summer months? Damn, that full-time job...


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