Monday, September 25, 2006

Life in a Library.

Absence from knitbloggery has been forced upon me yet again by academia. I find that my life is once again dictated by the throes of grad school, and I again spend most of my time in the library. Things could be worse, I suppose, since the Archaeology library looks like this:

And my personal work space looks like this:

It's a nice atmosphere in which to do work - nice 10 foot high windows! - which is a necessity, since our research library is a non-circulating one... meaning no book can be checked out or removed from the library.

So, life these days consists of unending piles of book chapters and articles to read, prep work for teaching class (I'm teaching the intro-level course on Near Eastern and Egyptian Archaeology), and studying for preliminary exams for PhD candidacy. Notice that I have failed to mention knitting... despite my hectic school schedule, however, I am actually doing an adequate job finding time here and there to knit. No finished sweaters, yet, but slow and steady progress! Updates on the progress of Salina and Joy are on the way.


Anonymous anne said...

What a gorgeous space. It makes it almost hard to feel sorry for you (hello! visit my dept sometime!) but oh, I remember the pain of prelims studying. Keep on knitting.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous flutter said...

There are certainly worse places to work...good-ness! Nicer than my house!

12:35 AM  

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