Thursday, August 10, 2006


I am freakishly programmed to indiscriminately want to knit anything with a hood on it. So naturally, I have come upon some fresh new fall inspirations and have busily commenced scheming on how to acquire the appropriate yarns to fulfill such lust before fall hits. Of course, time is just as great an obstacle as the anti-salary, and let's not forget that I swore no less than a month ago that Rogue would be my next sweater project - nevertheless, scheming is in progress.

Older Sister Knitter is busily knitting the Central Park Hoodie (left), so I am anxiously awaiting its turnout. And the Wanderlust Hoodie (above) is fresh off the presses in the newest edition of IK, so there is heretofore little action on that front (actually getting the pattern would probably be a good first step toward *making* the hoodie).

That just leaves choosing a yarn and a color!(Oh, and those other obstacles outlined above.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome Hoodie Patterns.
Maybe that will be my next project!!!

6:18 PM  

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