Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot Wheels!

Check out my hott new(ish) bike! Thanks to Michael's urging and internet-savviness (eBay!), I now have an awesome bike that I heart. It is a 1998 Bianchi Veloce, which, as I have been schooled, is a drool-worthy bike, indeed. And the awesome orange custom paint job is spectacular, as are the Campagnolo parts (mmm...brainwashed by bike-lover boyfriend). I just love it because it has wheels and goes fast! So now I can make a brave attempt to keep up with M's cycling habits *and* make an even braver foray back into the world of cardio fitness!

Speaking of hot, the past few weeks here in Philly have been record-breakingly stifling. There have been excessive heat warnings in effect, and temperatures have been in the upper 90s and have broken into the 100s several times (good thing I'm *not* in Cyprus [otherwise known as the Devil's Armpit] this summer...hrm). It's insane, especially living in a third story apartment. So the bike, as much as I love it, has spent it's new life with me sitting in the apartment, as it is just too damn hot to ride right now.


Blogger Michael said...

I'd just like to point out a few things: if she were to have bought the bike new, it would have been like this. Add on Campagnolo Chorus bottom bracket and headset ($150), the Joe Bell paint job (at least $500 - he's pretty famous for bike painting), Brooks saddle ($80), and Nitto stem ($80), and we're talking about a very sweet $2500 bike bought for a fifth of the price. I am super jealous. The best part is that the guy that sold it didn't even mention some of the best parts, like the Campy Chorus (a very high-level of parts) pieces (the rest of the bike is Campy Veloce, which is great, but not Chorus).

FYI, Campagnolo parts are amazing and extremely well-regarded, spawning sites like this.

8:42 AM  

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