Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No, no... clearly not this:

(That's more like happy-in-a-box-as-long-as-you-leave-me-alone-because-I'm-an-ornery-Edwin-cat.)

But this:

Happy day! My sweet Aunt Linda sent me a big box of pottery! She has this wonderful habit of scavenging for *sale pottery* to send me... for no reason except that she loves doing it! Sadly, she lives in Wisconsin-land, which is a far, far off place that I rarely go to and thus rarely get to see my Aunt Linda to thank her for all of her wonderful packages of sweet, sweet, awesome pottery. Some day I will dream up some crafty way to thank her - I'd knit her something, but, well, she's an amazing knitter (champion Dale of Norway sweater knitter). I hope she knows how wonderful I think she is!


Anonymous Aunt Linda said...

Hi Honey, Wonderful things, these blogs! I,m here with my friend Shirley from Taiwan and she will be in Philidalphia doing her graduate work at UPENN. She will be getting back on the 24th of this month and I would love you to meet her when you can. She's a doll. Here is her e-mail address:

By the way ....I just got a fun pattern for a hood sweater for you and of course...some new pottery. You'll love it.

Hugs and Kisses.....ME :-)

9:56 PM  

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