Friday, July 21, 2006

The Knitting.

A few things about my knitting habits:

1. I have been knitting for about a year. I learned when I was 8 or 9, but I have just recently (summer 2005) begun to do it seriously. You know, with patterns and finished projects.
2. My knitting career over the past year, until recently, consisted of knitting a lot of scarves.
3. I have recently branched out into other garment categories - I have now successfully made a pair of mittens, socks, and a hooded sweater. Thus, I feel that I now must certainly qualify for the title of *knitting master*.
4. I find that even though I am now a *knitting master*, I have a penchant for scarf-making. This, I have come to discover, is for 2 very logical reasons: a) scarves are quick to start and finish, allowing for instant gratification; b) scarves take very little yarn to make, and, in my state of having an anti-salary, I don't have hundreds of dollars to throw at yarn purchasing for larger, more complicated projects.
5. Knitting with unnatural, synthetic fibers is very bad. I just say no to acrylic yarn. I might be considered by some to be a yarn elitist. That's one pigeon hole that I'm fine with.
6. I do not have a *stash*. (Stash being, as I understand it, a knitter's term for a stockpile of extra yarn). I knit with the yarn I have until it is gone.

A few projects I've finished:


Sweater un done!

All things current:

Or rather, all *thing* current. One sock done. Another to go.

Socks for Michael are also in the works.

(Yeah, that's another scarf...)


Anonymous Mom said...

Are you ever going to finish the Green Scarf????

11:01 PM  

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