Saturday, July 15, 2006

Moi... a blog?! Won't the world be surprised! Or not care at all... as a Philistine (a knitting one!), I am unconcerned.

I am the last person anyone would ever expect to start a blog... I mean, me, communicate? Rarely. Me, share my thoughts and life experiences? Not if I can help it. But perhaps a change is on the horizon...

This blog, while under the guise of a knitting blog, will, in theory, incorporate more than just my knitting projects. While knitting is certainly important to me, it is not my life. Still, I chose to start a knitting blog because it will allow me *some*sort of structure, and at the same time, allow me to document my knitting projects. I am hoping that in the process of keeping up with the progress of all of my knitting projects, I will also be able to keep up with the progress of my life... and perhaps allow others who are interested to do the same.

And... we're off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really love this Megan,
Hope the Blog is active enough
to keep you adding to it regularly.

I love you, Mom

10:56 PM  
Anonymous WIll said...

horray for everything! But mostly Meggie-poop!! I am exclaiming!

11:18 AM  

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