Friday, April 06, 2007


That, my friends, is how old I am today. I can't say I was very thrilled about it. That is, until I got this...

That, my friends, is something that I've needed for a very long time. Something that was always just a wee bit too expensive for me to want to fork out the cash for. Thank goodness for milestone birthdays and boyfriends who know what their girls want. He's witnessed my frustration of winding skeins of yarn off of backs of chairs and from around knees all too often. And, because he's a smart boy, he knew that 30-year olds really do need their own swifts. Beautiful wooden ones.

And because my mom and my big sister know me all too well, I also found this beauty waiting in my school mailbox for me. Wasn't I just saying something about green yarn and how it has some sort of weird magical quality? Apparently, it willed itself into my mom's and my sister's minds. They're smart cookies. They, too, know that 30-year olds can never have too much green yarn.

Never. Have. Too. Much. Oh, just look at all these cakes. Yum.

Off to have some big time birthday fun!

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Anonymous grumperina said...

Have a very happy green birthday!!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger jenn said...

Happy Birthday!! Lucky girl, my boyfriend wouldn't even know what a swift is! The green yarn looks gorgeous all grouped together like that.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Micki said...

Happy birthday! They say 40 is the new 30, so 30 must be the new 20. It's only logical, right?

I have a similar skein of green Whatnot sock yarn in my stash, and it is indeed magically luminous.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Terhi said...

Happy birthday! Oh the greens... I'm green with envy. Lovely presents!

12:56 PM  
Blogger cbknits80 said...

Happy Birthday. Looks like you got some great presents.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous anne said...

You especially need a swift because those knees are gonna start going bad pretty soon after hitting 30. :) Happy birthday, and enjoy! So far I've found this decade to be really satisfying.

1:03 PM  
Blogger Suburbaknitsta said...

Happy Birthday!! all that green totally has cheering qualities ;)

1:03 PM  
Blogger christine (threedogknits) said...

Happy birthday! You're right, a girl can't have enough green yarn. Enjoy your day! I agree with Micki, 30 is the new 20. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Happy, happy birthday! I covet your green yarn stash, and the Whatnot is new to me - yum. Huzzah for wooden swifts, too!

1:28 PM  
Blogger tentenknits said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Nope, I agree you can never have too much green ;-) What a great boyfriend!

1:29 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Yay your boyfriend supports your yarny habits. Or is he tired of holding yarn skeins?

1:35 PM  
Blogger Kodachrome said...

Happy Happy Birthday To You!

What a beautiful present from what must be a beautiful man for who is definitely a beautiful blogger-woman.


1:37 PM  
Blogger pamela wynne said...

happy birthday!!
I'm crazy about all that green yarn -- beautiful!

1:37 PM  
Blogger ShannieKnitChic said...

Yay for gorgeous wooden swifts! M sure is a smart guy! Happy birthday, Sis! We Love you!

1:40 PM  
Anonymous brooke said...

Happy Birthday! The swift is beautiful! Gorgeous green yarns too.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Those are some great greens!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! That's a lot of yummy green yarn. Oh, and you obviously have excellent taste in men!

1:53 PM  
Anonymous nova said...

Happy birthday! What fantastic gifts to start the celebration!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous jennie said...

Oh, happy happy birthday!

2:11 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Happy birthday, girlie! Welcome to 30--everything's better on the other side, trust me.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

(And of course, by "the other side" I meant THIS side. Which is the side that is out of its 20s.)

2:13 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

Happy Birthday! Love the new swift. I'm eyeing one of those myself!

2:27 PM  
Blogger jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I've recently accepted the number 30. Just in time to turn 31. Love the greens!

2:31 PM  
Blogger mari said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely Presents.
That's quite a green selection!

2:47 PM  
Blogger iSeL said...

Happy birthday!!!

I'm wishing you a great one while trying to ignore that beautiful skein of green sock yarn that I can never have. I really deserve a medal for this.

Eat lots of great food, make beautiful yarn cakes, celebrate, and enjoy being 30. It's a lot of fun.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Julia said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! Congrats on the swift, and Oh, the green yarn goodness..... You really can never have enough!!

2:52 PM  
Blogger VickeryKnits said...

Happy happy birthday! And happy sock knitting and skein winding!

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Nora said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl. x

3:06 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

Happy, happy birthday! Turning 30 couldn't happen to a cooler gal. ;)

3:17 PM  
Anonymous jody said...

happy birthday!

3:32 PM  
Anonymous s t a c i said...

Happy Birthday! Every knitter needs green birthday cakes like those. Lucky gal.

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Ronikins said...

Happy Birthday to you!!

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Cara said...

Happy, happy BIRTHDAY! I just love birthdays!

3:37 PM  
Anonymous stephy said...

Happy Birthday!

That's some swell looking green yarn all wound up nicely with the help of that grown-up lady swift.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous michelle said...

Happy Birthday. Yay, multiple birthday cakes of the non-caloric kind!

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day and enjoy that swift, they really are a Godsend.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Happy Birthday! Green sock yarn is the bomb! Hope you have a wonderful day!

4:04 PM  
Blogger gleek said...

happy birthday!

4:18 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the swift!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Specs said...

You get a swift when you turn 30? Where's my time machine...

Happy Birthday!

4:26 PM  
Blogger Kristy said...

Happy Birthday! I love the yarn cake picture at the top. 30 has got to be an improved 20-- you can also drink ;)

4:34 PM  
Blogger femiknitter said...

Happy Birthday! You've received some lovely gifts, and I'm massively jealous of your green yarn stash.

4:39 PM  
Blogger WandaWoman said...

Happy, happy Birthday!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Erin said...

Happy Birthday! 30 was hard for me too but I have learned it is not so bad. At least you have yarn habit supporting family and boyfriend. Now that is a rare blessing. Have a great day!

4:47 PM  
Blogger Liz K. said...

Allow me to be the 46th (I think) person to wish you a very happy birthday. Yarn cakes and swifts to you!

5:10 PM  
Blogger maritza said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Ooh, all that lovely green yarn - color me green with envy! ;D
Yes, the puns just keep on coming.
Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Elinor said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy both your swift and new stash of green yarn!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Happy Birthday!! Best wishes for the next year!

As someone over 40, let me say that the 30s are great.

Smart boyfriend, Mom and sister. Enjoy the yarn and swift.

The green yarns are lovely. You almost have enough colors to do a wendy knits mitered extravaganza if you wanted.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Mintyfresh said...

happy birthday, sweetie! that candle in the yarn cake shot is the most perfect i've ever seen in the blogosphere for a birthday celebration!

that boyfriend of yours is a keeper. my ex ridiculed my swift every time I got it out. Clearly, we were doomed.

ENJOY your day!!

8:09 PM  
Blogger Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday Megan!!!
What wonderful gifts! Aren't yarn cakes the most beautiful things ever? I'll bet you've been winding yarn all day!

11:00 PM  
Blogger Desiknitter said...

Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift, and what gorgeous shades of green (in the yarn, I mean, not the colour I'm turning, on looking at them!)

12:47 AM  
Blogger 5elementknitr said...

the boyfriend bought the swift? He remembers your birthday, he pays attention to what you like/need AND acted on it to buy the perfect gift? Total keeper!

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Hey, you were born on the exact same day as my arch-nemesis! Err, I mean, happy birthday! (And I won't hold it against you.)

Enjoy your swift -- I never asked for one because I just couldn't bring myself to try to explain to my husband what it is and why, exactly, I wanted it. The poor man is confused enough by my knitting.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous diana said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! You made out with gifts! Have a wonderful day.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous melissa said...

ugh. sorry i'm late! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
being in your thirties just became cooler, now that you've joined the ranks!

2:36 PM  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Happy happy birthday!!!

1:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green yarn! I am happy just looking at it.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

Oh, my God! You had the perfect birthday! The cake alone is enough to make me feel faint...then you add in the swift and all that gorgeous yarn. Amazing stuff--Happy Birthday!

7:44 PM  
Blogger Pikku- Kettu said...

I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday! Your family really knows how to treat a knitter!

1:34 AM  

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